Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This has been a favorite recipe in our family for 20 years.  Every time we serve it, someone asks for the recipe.  It can serve a family or a crowd.  It's perfect for a picnic or a nice dinner.  And the leftovers are wonderful.  The ingredients can be easily kept on hand.  Most grocery stores sell their london broil 'buy one get one free' every 6 weeks, so that's a great time to put one in the freezer.  If we are making it for guests we keep them whole, for our own use we cut them in half to make two large squares- just the right size for our family (though leftovers are delicious, too!)

2 1/2-3 lb london broil
2T minced onion powder
1t dry mustard
1/4t black pepper
1t sugar
1/3c soy sauce
1/3c oil
3T red wine vinegar
2T Major Grey's mild chutney
1t minced garlic

Prick the meat with a fork on both sides and place in a ziploc bag.  Add the marinade ingredients to the bag and squeeze to combine.  Seal and place in the refrigerator for 48hours.  On a grill, sear both sides of the meat over high flame for 3min.  Cook for 7min on each side and allow meat to rest on a plate.  The reserve marinade can be microwaved to use to top meat.  Slice into strips and serve as is or in sandwiches.  Leftovers can be eaten warm or cold.

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